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  • iWells is managed and integrated by : J. MuthuKumar

    • An oil and gas industry professional of over 30 years of experience with in-depth knowledge and experience in Well Construction (Drilling, Testing and Completion), Project Management in all types of drilling environment (Onshore, Shallow Offshore, Deep Water) in Exploration, Appraisal, Development, Deep Water, HPHT, ERD and Horizontals.
    • Versatile and highly skilled leader to integrate and execute projects from the early conceptual stage until final delivery. Has been a custodian of well engineering and optimization for all the organizations worked. Developed well engineering policies, procedures, systems and trained the in-house teams to excel in well engineering and risk assessment and management techniques.
    • Worked in several projects from early exploration stage (or appraisal stage) to development stage and have extensive experience in contributing the Well Construction aspects and integration of Field Development Plans including risk assessment, project scheduling, difficulty matrix, cost modelling and project economics.
    • An Expert in Integrated Project Management of complex and multi-challenging projects.
    • Training in-house teams, corporate teams and customized presentations from 1995 onwards as an independent training faculty for advanced training courses.