Extreme Wells

  • HPHT Wells
  • Establishing all the required systems, procedures and policies for HPHT Wells

    Some of the critical procedures required for HPHT operations:

    • HPHT Well Control procedures
    • Tripping In and Tripping out procedures / Supercharging and swabbing
    • ECD and Mud Weight Management
    • Well Ballooning and Well Influx decision tree process
    • Pit management
    • LOT/FIT procedures
    • Flow check procedures
    • Shut the well procedures with flow and without flow
    • Mud density variations and tripping volumetric
    • Slugging procedures
    • Connection procedures
    • Kick tolerance and MAASP
    • Surface gas handling system like poor boy degasser
    • Surface high pressure well control systems - BOPs, FOSVs, NRVs, Dart Subs etc
    • Hydrate suppression or mitigation injection facilities
    • Equipment high temperature rating (including that of elastomers)
    • Others that are not listed here